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Pay Scales...What

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Dec 1, 2001
My company is going through contract negotiations and there is a lot of talk in our company about what a pilot is worth. So I was wondering what other airline pilots get for their services.

So here is what I'm looking for, 1st, 5th, and 10th year FO and CPT pay (hourly) and the number of seats available on the aircraft.

Please only reference a current contract, I'm not really interested in what was earned 5 years ago or even last year. The more current the better.

ACA Rates

Our contract was ratified on 2/9/01. The following rates are as of 2/9/02. All rates are listed as 1st yr/5th yr/10th yr/Max (Yrs to Max pay). Hope this helps. If you would like me to email you the entire Compensation section of the contract in a PDF file, just PM me.

CL65 - 50 Pax

CA - $55.47/$62.67/$72.98/$90.15 (17)
FO - $21.53/$37.47/$41.05/$41.05 (8)

328Jet - 32 Pax

CA - $46.34/$53.57/$61.86/$67.25 (13)
FO - $21.53/$28.63/$30.08/$30.08 (6)

J41 - 29 Pax

CA - $40.67/$47.90/$56.20/$61.59 (13)
FO - $21.53/$26.36/$27.82/$27.82 (6)
hey ksu (aka baron pilot?) :D

Mesaba MEC has posted ACA, Comair and Air Wisconsin contracts at our secure ALPA site. You can view them side by side to ours. Then it becomes very obvious how bad we need to raise the bar or at the minimum meet the bar!

Those are the only 3 contracts that I can think of that are relatively new.

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