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pay scale at mac

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The ATR pay is the same as F-27. 1st yr fo- 25k then I believe it goes up 1000 per year after that. FO schedule is whatever the company needs.

1st yr capt- 42k then goes up from there... tops out around 66k at 15 yr pay then 3% raise there after. Capt schedule is 3 wks on 1 wk off.

Good company... the only gripe I have is the medical insurance... they deny everything and you have to fight to get them to pay. That's probably becoming normal everywhere but it sucks.

We're short both fo's and capt's... supposedly hiring like crazy.
3 weeks on for capt. don't they live in base. I know they have a lot of bases but I thought that if an ATR is on the route then thats all you do, or is this wherever they need the plane to go?

Sorry for being vague. Capt is 3 wks on 1 off no matter what. If you're based with an airplane you're home all the time. You work the normal run then get the fourth week off. If you float you go home on weekends and get the fourth week off. Being a capt and living at an airplane base is the best way to go.

FO's are supposed to get something like 1 wk out of 6 but I don't think they're getting them because they're short of them.

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