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Pay info for Exec Jet

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Feb 18, 2002
Can anyone share what a 1st, 2nd and 3rd year captain make at Exec Jet? I am considering a career change. I would also greatly appreciate any additional info that you can offer.


Try www.Fracstats.com, I believe that site compares the top 4 Fractional companies as far as pay and longevity. I believe that first year FO at EJA is $27,508. And First yr. Capt. is $37,560. You can add about $5,000 to that no. for pierdiem per yr. because most crews order "crew meals" on each trip.

As I believe most Frac. pilots will attest, myself included- we are grosley underpaid for the equipment, and the amount of flying that Frac. pilots accpomplish. However, with the present economy and EJA pilot union-STILL- waiting for a contract/raise after 3 yrs. of negotiations- the forecast of a pay raise is bleek.

I only state this OPINION because of the many pilots on the street, and the fact that the Frac. companies have no shortatge of applications at this time.....Santulli, is VERY aware of this....

On the positive side, EJA has some of the best training in Corporate Aviation. Not just Flight Safety/Simuflite, but a solid Indoc course covering CPR, Survival at Sea, International ops, CRM, typical 135/91 everyday ops and procedures...a full 2 weeks of INDOC wich is reviewed on a annual bases.

Just my .02 cents. worth, hope this helps.

Where did you get my idle's picture. Big Jim. But I hear he got convicted this spring.


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