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Pay in the DC area

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My Glock is bigger!!!!!
Nov 25, 2001
What would one expect to get paid in the DC area for SIC on a Lear 24, 35 and Captain on a Aero Commander? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
Haven't seen where the aviation pay rates in DC area are any different from any place else - like 350 said it's just the cost of living that's higher.

The stellar companies in the area (Mobil, MCI, AOL) probably pay a little better than most. There are a lot of charter operators (HEF, FDK, DMW, HGR, MRB, OKV) that know that there are about a thousand possible applicants for each job.

To live here you are going to have to live in the sticks and drive in two hours each day to work (IAD, DCA, BWI - that is) or get a crash pad with multiple people paying the rent. Sales tax on gas is cheaper in VA than in MD and I have no idea why a gallon of milk costs so much in this town!

Does that help? When you applied for the job didn't they tell you how much or are you thinking of targeting DC because the payrates for every other industry are higher here? Look ACA is right there at Dulles and their FO's get $23,000 the first year. How you do that without a sugar momma is beyond me!
I heard from a DC area POI just a couple of days ago that NOBODY up there is hiring that has a 135 certificate. But it sounds like you may have already had an offer or it's a 91 job. I hope you get a job around here, that would give the rest of us some hope.... The rest of us will be fighting over students....

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