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Pay for GII type??

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johnny taliban

Well-known member
May 24, 2004
I never thought that I would consider this but heres my situation and I need some advice. The company that I fly for as captain on a Learjet also operates Gulfstreams. I have to go to recurrent training soon which will require me to sign a training bond (yeah, I know it sucks). Not wanting to sigh a training bond just to stay current in the Lear I decided to approach the owner of my company and inquire about going to school for the Gulfstream. If Im going to sign a contract, then I might as well get something out of it like a new type rating, right??

Well, a GII type is a whole lot more expensive then Lear recurrent so the owner offered me the following deal. He would pay the amount of the Lear training (about 8,000 dollars) towards a Gulfstream type and I would pay the difference (about 15,000 dollars). He would then repay me over the course of the year the 15,000 dollars that I spent. So, at the end of the year I would have a GII type and it will have cost me nothing. The catch of course is that I would have to front 15,000 grand. So, what do you all think? Should I run with this or punt?

I'm not advocating doing this, but if you are going to negotiate something like this, at least start with good numbers.

Is this FlightSafety or SimuFlite? SimuFlite is a great deal less expensive than FlightSafety for the Gs.
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How long have you been at this outfit in that you are:

#1 Currently a Lear Captain


#2 Going to a recurrent

I mean, c'mon, you've been there for a little bit right??? Will you be signing training bonds next year, the year after that, etc....

Sounds cheezy....

There are some classy first rate outfits out there, that are looking for quality folks....

You can do better.
Actually English, johnny taliban is probably pretty close with his numbers for training. Many companies with a fleet of aircraft receive a significantly discounted rate for initials from training providers. IE: I know of one charter company that gets G-V initials for $23,800.

There is HUGE NEGOTIATING opportunity in the cost of training.
English said:
SimuFlite is a great deal less expensive than SimuFlite...

...sorry, couldnt help it ;)
Will you be signing training bonds next year, the year after that, etc....

Sounds cheezy....

I agree with your assessment but I am trying to make the best of the situation. I WILL have to sign a training contract so I am trying to make the best out of it. I wasn't aware of the training contract when I accepted the Learjet position (my fault for not asking enough questions), but never the less, this is the position that I am in.

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kingairyahoo said:
...sorry, couldnt help it ;)

Oh sorry. Looong day and I guess I'm just out of it.
I know there are many out there that hate any kind of PFT deal, but it sounds like you are trying to the best of a bad deal. I think I would do the same if I were in your situation and if, as you imply, you will be re-imbursed for the difference over the next year it probably is not too bad of a deal.

I would question the $23,000 cost of the type, I am sure it can had for considerably less than that. A little research and some negotiation could pay off big time. Good luck.

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