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Pay flight tracking sites - rec wanted

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Marriott Platinum Member
Dec 2, 2003
I am looking at something not as expensive as Flight Explorer Pro, able to track both general aviation tail numbers and airline flights.

Ideally, this will run 24 hours on a standalone computer, and if possible, will allow different simultaneous log-ons.

Any recommendations are appreciated

I like flightaware (see my other thread concerning Active Desktop) however I am looking at "live" real-time feed type sites
How far behind is flightaware? I was crosschecking it with www.fltplan.com last night and the aircraft's location was exactly the same on both screens, the weird thing is though flightaware did not update the landing time and fltplan did have an accurate landing time. Is this what you are refering to?
If you click on the flight tracking tab on the side menu, it offers thier flight tracking service. I don't know who it is through, but you can store just your aircraft, check who is in and out of a certian airport or even have an email sent to an address you put in when your aircraft opens or closes a flight plan. There is a lot of stuff for what you pay.

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