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pax on floor of cargo plane

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Well-known member
Nov 29, 2001
skydivers sit on the floor of planes, eskimo's probably sit on the floor of cargo planes in the bush (without seats) and people on small islands should have a little regulatory latitude in being able to fly without being in a seat.

if you live in the continental usa, you can drive to get somewhere, but if you're on a little island air transport can be the only option.

call me 'flying scared in the caribbean'

(plus people are always having one emergency or another and needing a ride in my cargo plane)
I've never had an "eskimo" sit on the floor of my "cargo plane." Haven't had a native sit on the floor either.

Where are you going with this?
Floor sitting

I think he left for another drink! Might not be back tonight.:rolleyes:
I think 'ol JSOceanlord has been drinking the firewater again. Perhaps he got into "grampa's cough syrup.

Oh well, at least he is not trying to hawk his book again...
well, Jeff,

I fly cargo planes in "eskimo" country, and I can assure you that there are none sitting around on the floor of my plane. An acquaintance got a suspension for a child sitting on it's mother's lap in his Navajo. The kid had a seat but climbed into mom's lap as they were taxiing in, and a fed saw them. I don't think you're going to find natives sitting on floors, except *maybe* some outlaw operator.

It sounds to me like you're trying to rationalize a little breaking of some laws you find inconvenient. ...... good luck, remember what happened with the stolen goods on your boat.

you guys have quite a memory.

it's true i'm at the embassy suites hotel next to san juan airport and they do have free drinks - so yes, i'm a little stoned.

let's just say that if i had landed five minutes later last friday my career may have been toast. an inspector was 150 yards away and closing (i.e. walking closer) when a group of people walked away from my cargo plane. a couple cessna's blocked his view.

were they just greeting me or what? i'm not saying.

my point was that if you live on a little island and want to go to another little island ten miles away, instead of taking a broken down fisihing boat, etc, it may be safer to sit on the floor of my 3 engine piston plane. inspector's should show a little flexibility in that case and take a chill pill; it's not like there's the option of driving a car

(needless to say only cargo will be carried in the future)

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