Past Practice Indicates Future Performance


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Aug 26, 2003
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48 yrs
Rick Handschuch urged you to use past practices as the best indicator of future performance. The new Red Label pay rates are the perfect opportunity to do just that with Kenn and his management team. The rates look good, really good! But they only apply to a minuscule percentage of us. By year end we will have 11 red label aircraft. At 3 captains per airplane 33 pilots will be paid those rates. From the video we know there won't be any new deliveries for at least the first six months of 2016, so less than 15% of us Flexjet pilots will be on those rates. That is completely in keeping with Kenn?s book. He says you should only pay a very small portion of your pilots top pay. The rest stay below even industry standard!
And how about the ?slide to poverty?? Before the union forced Kenn and his management team to use seniority for bidding and pay, any ?upgrade? would result in a pilot?s pay being frozen until they caught up to their new aircraft?s longevity rate. Using the pay tables from the employment agreement, an eight year Lear captain going to the Challenger will be frozen at $597 per day until s/he has been on the Challenger for six years! And the raise at year six? $3 per day to $600 per day. That is what the letter ?From the Desk of Kenn C Ricci? means when it says: EVERYONE IS ENTITLED TO KEEP WHAT THEY HAVE; BUT, NOT THEIR EXPECTATION BASED ON WHAT THEY COULDN?T HAVE FORESEEN. So Lear captains will see their daily rate increase zero for six years, and $34 dollars a day over nine years! Past performance is, according Rick Handschuch, the best indicator of future performance.