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Passenger Lands Aircraft- Was the pilot OVER 60?

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I waiting at the gate in EWR... the amount of people talking about it is amazing!! What they are saying about it is even more amazing!!!

There are several Flight Sim guys sitting accross from me who feel they are more then capable of landing the Jet should something on our way to ORD today!!
great i can see mgmnt jump all over this---

round trip airfare to hawaii 500 land the plane at destination an extra 200.

another revenue stream- great!
The guy was a certified single engine pilot anyway. Big deal. When I heard the headline, I thought it was some layman(sp?) that jumped up and did it. *yawn* Pretty funny comments though.
Didn't they make a moive about this? or maybe a bunch of movies.
A two year GAO review of the regulatory law change is still in effect concerning over 60 pilots and the equivalent safety of the ruling.

If you think the GAO is the only one keeping track, then you are mistaken.

If it's one thing the FAA knows how to do, it's CYA. Whether they were going to change it or not is irrelevant...this was FORCED on them by congress, and bureaucrats don't like being told what to do.

In some dark room, they are keeping tabs on this, and the first time there is loss of life, they'll trot out some super, double secret probation study to show how blameless they are, and how changes like this shouldn't be legislated. Especially now, they can chaulk it up to just another failing of the Bush administration, even though it was congress that pushed the law.


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