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Passed IFR Check for the second time

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Gotta Blast!
Dec 11, 2001
A while back, I read with great interest, about some pilots that had gotten letters from the FAA about having to re-do a portion of their IFR check ride. I was one of them and I just wanted to see if anyone else that did get a notification has passed their ride for the second time.
well the first time for me at least, the check ride consisted of two non precision approaches and one precision approach as per the testing standards along with the other tasks.

Apparently someone from the FAA and the examiner got into some type of arguement about the way he was conducting his check-rides and so the FSDO in that area decided to grant 609 rides to the last 15 (I think) or so pilots that completed their rating. I feel this was done to see if we could actually fly IFR. The only task I had to conduct for the re-check was a LOC approach and circle to miminums. That was it.

While the re-test was not really something to worry about, it was just a pain to have to send registered mail to the FSDO before they began "procedings to suspend my IFR privileges" Their words... not mine. Anyway all is over and done with.
Unfair 609 (709) ride

I've heard a little about this fiasco. What sux about this deal is the 709 will show up on the "victims'" FAA records, unfairly. I say "victims" because the folks went to this school in good faith and if they want to pursue a career they may be forced to explain what happened at an interview. Perhaps the 609 might hurt their chances through no fault of their own, and that's what I don't like.

The FAA can 609 anyone, at any time, for no reason. Usually people are 609d because they were involved in some sort of aircraft incident. Several years ago a good friend of mine was 609d after her student stood on the brakes of her 172 during a landing and her airplane ran off the runway. This person was an FAA employee and, I believe, was hoping to transfer to Flight Standards to be an ASI. She never completed the transfer. I don't know why she didn't transfer or if she really had wanted the ASI job, but I'm sure the 609 killed her chances. Too bad; she would have been a good and fair inspector.
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a little more info

The final tally was 19 rechecks to be done . Even my faa inspector was wondering why we were retested He said " how did the original fsdo know we did not get the ride up to PTS requirements . He also said The 709ride will be with us forever but that the wording of it shows that we are blamelesss.
What ticks me off the most is that when I called the FSDO who started this fiasco after passing the recheck the guy seemed inconvenienced that I was asking about the repercussions of this on my record . I feel that we were all victims of some witch hunt . I did the required ride as per PTS standards and thats the whole enchilada .
What does not kill us will make us stronger I guess. regards Vavso.
I want to know who paid for the airplane rental or expenses during the retest...the FSDO or the Examiner. If you guys had to pay for the retest I would say that you have a legitimate claim against the FAA and could even possibly sue. Not that I'm a lawyer...but if I was in your shoes I would consider it.
An analogy

A good friend of mines dad had an old expression When dog dirt is sitting around for a while its OK, but once you put a stick in it and start moving it around it starts to stink........Vavso
Yeah. Or, you could say it was bitter bile you were made to swallow and suffer from, and which you survived. Yet, you are scarred permanently.

KSU_Aviator has a point. I'm not a lawyer, either, but all this sounds like a bad faith claim to me. The FAA, as a government entity, is probably immune from a claim, but perhaps you can go after the school. You guys deserve to be made whole.

We have a lawyer who reads this board named Furloughed Gal. Maybe she will happen upon this thread and provide her thoughts.

All the luck in the world to you guys. You deserve it after what you were forced to endure.
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I have been reading the posts as they have come in and I thank all of you for your support.

As for the cost of the re-test, it was done at my expense in my plane but the examiner was not paid by me. I did ask about the cost and he stated that it was free since he is with the FSDO and paid by the Gov't.

All this talk about getting an attorney just makes me smile and the reason is........apparently one of the pilots that had to do a re-test is a civil rights attorney and from what I have heard through the grapevine is that he may try to contact all of the pilots that did get 609'd and look at filing a class action lawsuit. Against who or whom I have no idea........Stay tuned I guess.

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