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part-time jobs

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I'd be interested in getting some good feedback on this. I'm looking to do something on the side for some extra bank and primarily make use of a bunch of free time.
You could always sell your blood (plasma) or whatever they call it. Every week you can make something like a hundred dollars. I knew a guy who did it in college. Be sure and check your company regulations...there might be something limiting you giving blood within so many hours of flying.
you can make some low altitude Agricultural flights to the south but that has its own draw backs...
I'm a substitute teacher. Works out pretty well. The pay is not great, but it beats sitting around all day looking at FlightInfo! :D

Do you guys typically have set nights of the week that you're off when you fly for a regional? I'm a college prof and am (slowly) training to become a pilot. I'm just curious if I'll be able to teach a few classes a week, say on Tuesday and Thursday nights. I imagine the schedule isn't that fixed, though.

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