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Part Time Caravan Pilot in California(350.com)

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Well-known member
Jan 18, 2004
Anyone got the info on this? I can no longer give 350 my $$ for such useless info as a maintenance job in China. I could really use the help!

Absolutely NOTHING on the World Wide Web(emphasis on World Wide) about a "Running Springs Air" in California. Smells like a scam by 350 to get suckers like me to ;ay up for an imaginary job posting. The skeptic that I am, am I right? Somebody please prove me otherwise.
There is a Running Springs Air Conditioning Repair in Torrance... but I doubt they have a Caravan. They got Van's but I doubt a Caravan...
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I used think there were many "fill jobs" on 350, which is why I am no longer a customer. I started calling it Climb-to-India and China, since that's where all the job listings were. Doesn't mean the listings are scams. Perhaps they want to remain confidential.

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