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May 23, 2006
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Here is a job opportunity for pilots who meet 135 minimums in the southeast US. The pay is better than airline new hire pay and is probably a lot more interesting. The company is an air taxi outfit called SATSair.

They fly a new fleet of Cirrus SR-22 single-engine airplanes.

Here is the info from the recruiter:

Working at SATSair is a rewarding experience for our employees, far beyond the simple pay and benefits. Our employees are pioneering a completely new way for our nation to travel. At SATSair we are the first to launch an ambitious, innovative, and life changing air travel system that will change the way people view and use air travel in America. Thanks to STASair and its employees, 24/7 point to point affordable air travel as convenient as a quick phone call. But we have far to go to continue to grow this unique air travel system across America. Each and every day we receive calls from future customers asking how soon can we bring our new service to their town or city.

We are proud of our employees and our company’s culture reflects that. Our Employees feel good about the work they do and they know that their company and its customers appreciate it too. Our culture is rich with the programs that our employees value, such as travel assistance, informational and celebration luncheons and cookouts, company sponsored softball teams, employee concierge service and others.
Think outside the box and you will fit right in. SATSair encourages and enjoys new ideas and open communication.
At SATSair we have brought together some of the most talented people in their fields and we will continue to hire talent when and where we find it. As an equal opportunity employer we value the diversity our employees and the merit each one brings. In return for their hard work our employees enjoy great benefits, competitive salaries, and exciting career paths.
Our company is still small, so the extra effort offered by each employee has a dynamic effect on our company’s growth. This allows our employees to set the momentum of their own careers. Our company’s expectations are high, and our employees continually strive to meet and often times exceed them.

SATSair’s commitment is to provide benefits and programs that support the needs of our employees and compliment the quality of their lifestyle. We enjoy benefits that include:
Competitive salaries
Equity/Stock options (to be implemented in 2006)
401K-retirement program (to be implemented in 2006)
Flexible spending accounts
Direct paycheck deposit
Paid Time off
Paid Vacation
Business/casual atmosphere
Employee air travel and aircraft rental program

Our pilots’ quality of life and work balance is a top priority here at SATSair. We want you to have a predictable work schedule that will maximize your performance and allow you to return home every day possible. SATSair wants you to build a positive and productive life outside of work as well.
Today we a re flying the Cirrus SR-22 aircraft, undeniably the most advanced and best performing aircraft of its type. As the very light jets (VLJ) and personal jets (PJ) become available we will assess the advantage of adding them to our fleet. Our customers love our aircraft, our pilots, and the professional way we provide our cutting edge service.

In order to provide the very best in high quality and safe flights our pilots must have the minimum qualifications:

1500 hours flight time (excluding, simulator and flight engineer time)
500 hours as Pilot-in-command (PIC)
500 hours cross-country
100 hours nighttime flying
100 hours actual instrument time
FAA Single Engine Commercial Pilot Certificate with Instrument rating
Current FAA Second Class Medical Certificate
Federal communication Commission (FCC) Radio License
Valid Passport with the ability to travel in and out of the U.S.
Valid Drivers License
Must pass a background check and pre-employment drug test
While these are our minimums to be considered for a job at SATSair most of our new hire pilots have the mean average of around 2500 hours with varied background experience gained in major commuter airlines, military, freight, corporate, charter, flight instruction and other commercial aviation activities.


  • Pilots will go on payroll the first day in ground school.
  • Pilots will have to sign an employment contract. The employment contract will preclude them from taking a job with another air-taxi competitor company for at least one year after they leave us.
  • While in ground school and subsequent IOE we will provide the new hired pilot with a hotel room, transportation to and from class and pay them as a per-diem as if they were away on sequence.
  • The Pilot annual base pay scale is: Day 1 thru 6 months: $27,000; 6 month thru 12 months: $33,000; 12 months Thru 24 months: $36,000; 24 months thru 36 months: $40,000; 36 months thru 48 months: $42,500; 48 months thru 60 months: $45,000; after 60 months: annual cost of living increase. In addition, SATSair may apply COLAs to help offset the increased expenses for pilots based in areas more expensive then Greensville, SC.
  • The standard pilot work schedule will consist of a 4-day on and 3 day off sequence. At the company’s discretion 5-day on and 2-day off may be required for the first two years of service.
  • Pilot’s will be given the opportunity to earn extra money by offering to work his/her scheduled off days. His/Her extra per day will equal his/her per-day salary.
  • Pilots will have a seniority based bid system applicable after 2 years of service. Each pilot shall receive a seniority number based on his/her first day in ground school class. The class seniority shall be determined by the new hires birth date. The earliest birth date has the highest seniority, etc.
  • The pilots will bid to hold their preferred flight schedule. The senior pilot shall have first choice at the schedule, the next senior pilot, etc.
  • During travel away from the pilot’s domicile the pilot will be paid a per-diem that shall be $1.50 per each hour they are away from base. For overnight stays the pilot will be provided with a hotel room and ground transportation as necessary.
  • SATSair shall provide 5 medium blue oxford dress shirts that will have the SATSair embroider on the left chest and on the right sleeve, (near the cuff on long sleeve shirts) SATSair will provide two matching ties. Pilots wear the tie during the winter and during the summer the tie is optional. Summer is considered to be from Memorial Day thru Labor Day each year. SATSair will provide its pilots with a uniform coat for the winter.
  • Pilots will be paid $32 per day-period to cover the cost of job related expenses such as cell phones, calling cards, uniform laundry, tips, etc.
SATSair presently pays an additional $2000 annually to its company instructors and check airmen.

To find out more and discuss an employment opportunity, please contact and forward a resume to:

David Goldstein
Pilot Recruitment


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Aug 5, 2005
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Sounds like a pretty good gig and a nice increase in pay. Any idea how many days you are away from home per month on average? Where are the bases at?


May 23, 2006
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I'm just the messenger

Hey all,

I am not the recruiter, I just posted the information that I got from him. His name is David Goldstein and his e-mail is at the bottom of the first post. He said they are growing and that the bases are in the southeast.

Good luck!


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Apr 25, 2002
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2500 hrs average to fly a single! Sounds like good pay, especially if you live in SC. I did for 3 years and that state is probably the cheapest in the U.S. to live in. Doesn't sound like a place to build your resume though.
It is good money for the area, so I'm sure someone will jump at it.

Espalda Mojado

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Apr 29, 2006
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I am looking to do some fun flying on my days off. I emailed them and they are considering letting me fly the airplanes for free! Sweet!


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Jul 27, 2004
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Espalda Mojado said:
I am looking to do some fun flying on my days off. I emailed them and they are considering letting me fly the airplanes for free! Sweet!

HAHA, ******************************:bomb: