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Parking costs at KMCI

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Nov 26, 2001
I was just wondering if anyone knew how much it would cost to park my car at Kansas City airport (KMCI) for a weekend. I'd be there Friday thorugh Monday.

Also, does anyone have any ideas on how I might save a few bucks? For example i've heard of some people parking their cars at a nearby hotel and then having the hotel shuttle pick them up and drop them off, or parking at an FBO and getting a ride from them. I don't know if i'd go that far, but it might be cheaper to take a cab from the hotel or FBO to the terminal than paying for four days of parking at the airport. Yeah, I know i'm cheap... but hey, i'm a pilot! :p

No, I don't have access to employee parking at the airport.

Thanks for any info!
its either 15 or 17$ per day. it sucks. heres what i do to get around it. Park at the Executive Beech and ask for a ride to the terminal. tell them you are going go get a 421 or something and bring it into the FBO for your boss tomorrow (that you will buy fuel...hint hint) , but its in omaha and you have to go get it.
then when you fly in call them for a pick-up and keep your mouth shut and haul butt!!! I do it a lot at IAH
I gotta say, any method of getting someone to do somthing for you that involves lying, "Keeping your mouth shut and hauling butt", or both, seems kind of sleazy to me. What do you think?

Man, the long term parking at MCI is something like $4.00 bucks a day. Though, if you feel adventurous, look for an open gate in to the employee parking lot. If you have a reasonably legitimate looking ID you should be able to get through the employee bus screening procedure. They have a totally ridiculous ID check at the entrance to the airport grounds where an Argenbright security drone checks to see if your ID allows you to access an unsecure area of the airport.

Hope the interview goes well.
I dont know if you need to stay at a motel the night before you leave but my wife and I stayed at the Hilton before going on our honeymoon for around 65 for the night. We were gone 7 days and left the car in Hiltons parking lot. Hilton drove us to and from the terminal.
Parking Costs

It costs us $250 per day to park, of course its a DC-9 overnight.
All kidding aside, try the off airport lots if they exisit, and show your airlne ID, you may get a discount. TOL lets airline employees park for free, at DTW a number of lots give airline discounts.
njcapt, you are correct. This comes straight from the Kansas City International Airport Flight Guide:


Garage Parking (Terminals A,B,C)
No Charge First 1/2 Hour
$18.00 Per Day Maximum

Circle Parking
No Charge First 1/2 Hour
$10.00 Per Day Maximum

Satellite Parking
$1.00 Per Hour
$4.00 Per Day Maximum

If you park in the Satellite Parking you can take the BLUE BUS to the terminals. They run about every 10 minutes and there is not charge.

Visit IFLYKANSASCITY.COM for more airport information.

Thanks for all your help guys!
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