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Parking at SEA?

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God I love layovers...
Nov 23, 2002
Anyone know any great deals on long term parking on or near SEATAC? Aloha isn't on their approved list so I can't get employee parking. Now when the merger between AQ and HAL goes thru that might change (kidding HAL guys!), but for now I need parking as a commuter! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
If you find something cheap, let me know. The port charges and arm and a leg :eek:
What's new?
Don't even tease about that merger! That just kills me.....Oh how I wish....

Hansoma - dude, I'd happily be paying the $43 a month right now! You wouldn't happen to have two parking passes would ya?
Don't bother Hansoma about the parking $. He probably has to pour out twice that in gas each month on his 'short' commute. Right? :D

Also, I think it is $46 per month now for our parking at SEA.

mach none said:
How about when the Alaska-Aloha merger takes place?

Last I heard it was going to be an Aloha - Aeroflot merger. That Lihue/Vladivostok nonstop ought to be a real money maker!

EAT-SEA-LAS and back every week, I'm just livin' the dream!! :rolleyes:

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