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Parking a car in MEM

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Hawker rider

Nov 26, 2001
Hi everybody,

Can anybody give me some ideas on where to park a car close to or on the Memphis airport?

It will have to be there approximately 22 days a month, as I commute from there.

I would appreciate any ideas.

would it be cheaper to just take a cab or have a friend/spouse pick you up and drop you off? i can't think that leaving your car in memphis (aside from having it stolen) for 22 days would be very cheap. just a thought.
well I don't live in Memphis, but i commute from there.

It's about a 3 hour drive one way for me to get to the airport, so a cab will run me a little much for the trip 4 times a month.

drop a p.m. to Jelloshotpilot, he's a great guy and a dispatcher for nwa there. Also a good friend of mine. He'd be able to help you if you want to park a car of need a ride. Brandon is his name. Tell him P.J. from Ne. sent ya.:beer:
Park it at signature and take the van to the terminal
You might be able to get airport employee parking. Check in the Parking office in the baggage claim level in Terminal B. I know a pilot that got it, and his airline didn't service Memphis.

Also, try local hotels, like the Hoilday Inn Express.
I know several guys that used to park in the holiday inn select by the airport and then just tip the driver to get you to the airport because the guy has to support his drug addiction ( i am not kidding. he told me) or if you catch the airport people the right day you might get a parking pass for a 30 bucks a month. The signature thing has worked in the past but they seem to be cracking down on it. Your best bet is to park there and then walk across the street to not raise any attention!!

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