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Parked CRJ location?

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"Kids these days"-AAflyer
Nov 14, 2004
Anyone know of any parked CRJs anywhere? Southeast prefferably. I need to get some rather specific exterior measurments for a development project. thanks!
Weren't there a few at ZPH (former Independence birds)... not sure if they moved them since I was there last (last year)...
Yep, those are gone. I was able to get to them while they were there, but they got sold to an overseas operator I think, and now I need another day or two with one.

Thanks, though.
The two places I know about are Tucson, and Calgary. Don't know if you want to travel that far.
I figured most, if not all, would be out west. I used to fly cargo in to Roswell. Lots of airplanes parked out there.

Thanks, guys!

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