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Paperless Cockpit

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Well-known member
Dec 5, 2001
Just wondering if anyone is using any of the paperless cockpit systems out there. I would be real interested in hearing about your experiences.

* Are they easy to use?
* Cumbersome in the cockpit?
* FAA legality?

I know gulfstream has certified a unit for the G-IV, but what about the other systems like these: http://www.paperlesscockpit.com

Isn't one of the Frax using some sort of computerized Jeppesen Chart system? If they are not FAA certified, can you still use them legally?

Just wondering cuz we are thinking about doing something at my operation.


I've used the NorthStar on the Gulfstream. It's intuitive, handy and easy to use, but it's transitional technology. The same functionality will be incorporated into the Nav Display on the GV SP.

The FAA didn't buy into the "paperless cockpit" concept fully, in the Gulfstream the NorthStar printer is in the stepbox.

We use the Fujistu unit running Jeppview. It is a great system and definately beats the paper charts. The only paper we have in the cockpit is the enroute charts. We must have 2 operational jeppview systems in the cockpit and if one breaks down we have to have the printed copies of the approach plates for all approaches to be done. About the only bad thing with the jeppview systems is they can be hard to see on a very bright day. I have always been able to see the chart but it is just tougher.

Hope that helps

Did you guys have to get special permission from the FAA to use the Fujitsu/Jeppview system? What do you do with them in the cockpit? Do they mount somewhere? Do you both have them on at the same time, or just use the second as a backup?

Each pilot uses his own, they are in a pouch behind the seat, yes thay are FAA approved, they are both on at the same time, each pilot can look at his and set it up what ever way they want, they sit on your lap, I like them because they are idiot proof, when we use to use the jepp plates and used Q service, people would put jepps back in the wrong place and not even pull out q's, I got frustrated half the time with these idiots, so this system gets rid of the idiot
Can you please post who the FAA has approved it for?
I thought Jet Blue and another company(can't remember who) were getting ready to take the FAA to court because they would not approve the Jepp View device and they had invested so much money in going in that direction.
Do you still carry a whole set of National and Int'l Jepps as a backup to the Jepp View or just the Hi/Lo enroute charts?
Thanks and Fly Safe
without the paper

I flew in a paperless cockpit in my former companies Sabre 65. I did all the reasearch into the purchising of the unit and the applicable FAR's.

I can answer from a part 91 stand point. All you need is applicable representation of the approach. That means that a napkin works so long as it is based on current data. We used the Fitichu touchscreen computer from Approach View in Houston, TX they are the company that imports them into the US and are $1000's LESS then any one else in the market.

I loved it, it cut down on the weight of charts in our aircraft and the updating time. All you use is your Jepp View CD. The agreement I believe says that you'll only us one CD per Aircraft.

As far as a 135 reg. I THINK (repeat I THINK) Flight Options had a letter from the FAA to try out the paperless cockpit and it has sence been resended. I THINK.

We installed a 110ac outlet in our cockpit to keep the computer pluged in during flight and therefore fully charged. When you left the aircraft is the good news is you had a regular computer; complete with modem and Windows. I used it to go online and keep my log book up to date. The computer has an infrared sensor on it that you can use to comunicate with a printer.

I hope that answers any of your questions.

I loved the unit, it worked flawlessly.

You want Approach View and talk with John Navratil or Jim Frost. If you want for $200.00 you can try a unit for one week (the $200 goes to purchase price if you buy inside of 30 days).

The unit was $3500 if I remember correctly. You get rid of all your full service Q service for the country and just get the disk and the eroute charts and save $500/yr on charts (we had Q servive for US, S. Amer, C. Amer, Can/Alaska). FYI Jepp. makes serious profits on the CD's (much more then they do on the paper) and wants to go all paperless if they can.

All you end up carrying is Vol I, which has the Class B and Enroutes, amongest other things.


I ditto what everyone has said. We keep both units up running at all times. They are plugged into a "Cigarette Lighter Port" that we had installed in the cockpit. We put them wherever they will fit and the hold up well to abuse. Seats crunch them every now and then, and I think the screens are replacable. We just keep VFR charts, and Enroute charts the rest is on the Jeppview. I think they are great. Also, we have a performance program specific to our aircraft on the fujistu which I am told is like Ultranav? I think that is right, I have never used Ultranav. Anyways, we also have our maintenance diagrams, operations manual, international manual etc. on the fujitsu in PDF format for easy review. I hope that someday we have them set up to send in post flight information. They have a modem in them and I am sure it can be done.

The bottom line is that they are worth whatever you pay for them. Once you use them and get used to them you will wonder how you got along without them. Kind of like comparing a laptop to an old typwriter. Anyone even own a typwriter anymore?

Just my 2 cents...
:) I have just started using the Fu jit zu and do not have any complants, it takes a little while to get used to them but awesome.. I can not wait till they are installed in the avioncs !! :cool:

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