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Paperless Cockpit

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Well-known member
Dec 5, 2001
Just wondering if anyone is using any of the paperless cockpit systems out there. I would be real interested in hearing about your experiences.

* Are they easy to use?
* Cumbersome in the cockpit?
* FAA legality?
* etc...

I know gulfstream has certified a unit for the G-IV, but what about the other systems like these: http://www.paperlesscockpit.com

If they are not STC'd like the Gulfstream one can you still use them legally?

Just wondering cuz we are thinking about doing something at my operation.

just trying to keep the thread on the first page! Thanks.
Ask a few Flight Options jocks- I believe all their crews are "paperless"- It seems that every single FBO I go into to their are always Ops pilots updating, etc, etc,.....

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<hope this keeps ya on the front page>
I think the paperless cockpit thing is catching on a little quicker over seas. I've looked into it, think it sounds great...hope someone on here can answer the questions.

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