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Pan Am / PAIFA Pay Question.

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Well-known member
May 10, 2002
Noticed a couple of CFI openings in Ft. Pierce for the KLM program and one for a Senior CFI position. I qualify for both, and I was wondering if anybody knew what the positions paid. You may PM me if you wish. I'd feel kinda weird about calling HR about it. Don't want them to think I'm only interested in money. Thanks in advance.


I believe the pay ranges from 12 - 16 an hour. They'll usually start new hires on the lower scale and give increases based on performance every 90 days.

Are you familiar with JAA?

Have you been a CFI for more than 2 years?

Send a resume...good luck.
Yes on both counts. I'm also fluent in Dutch. Thanks for your help. :)

Anytime...hope all works out well for you.

By the way, the Director of Training is Rob Brantner...call him directly and ask him a few questions. Nice guy and a former airline recruiter.

Foreign airline programs

Good luck getting the job. I instructed foreign airline students at FSI down the road from you in Vero ten years ago. Generally speaking, they are good, highly motivated students. Enjoy!
KLM pay

I have a friend that works in the KLM dept at PAIFA Fort Pierce. All KLM positions are salaried, 30K a year to start. Not much,if any, multi time though.
KLM pay

It sounds like a good gig, but for the lack of multi time. That's really pretty good money. You'd take a pay cut to go to work for a regional. Having good students makes going to work a pleasure. And, I remember that up the road in Vero the cost-of-living wasn't exhorbitant except for high utility bills in the summer. I bet it's the same in Fort Pierce.

Remember, too, no state income taxes in Florida. They do nail you on buying license plates for an out-of-state vehicle, which you must do before the state will issue you a driver's license.

If one can ignore the usual flight school BS, and I realize that's hard to do sometimes, the job would be worth considering.
The word on the street is that Pan Am is losing the KLM contract to FSI.....

Total rumor, but I heard it from a good source who works at one school and has good connections at the other...


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