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Apr 17, 2002
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To those who have questions about Pan Am International Flight Acedemy in Phoenix Arizona. I was a enrolled student not too long ago(less than 2 weeksfinished my CFI, CFII), and I have some inside scoop for anyone interested in the game PAIFA is playing with YOUR MONEY. First off many students were promised a job after they finish there program, and most students never saw that promise. Second, PAIFA has what they call a favoritisim list. You as a student put $70,000 into the system, and are left in the dark until u finish the program, and then u find out if u kissed enough ass in the school or your like a couple now flight instructors at the school that were dating check pilots and recieved jobs. Third if u are a current student, I would think long and hard about what this school is doing with your flying career. If you seriously think your getting a job, your kidding yourself, the last I heard(from there management themselves Brad, Jonathan) they had over 30 graduated students sitting waiting to get a job at the school they invested thousands of dollars at and now have nowhere to go. That should make all of currrent students happy. Fourth, it is true there are many lawsuits against this comapny, for breeches of contract on there part, this company has been turned in by me and many others to the Better Business Bureau, DONT BE FOOLED BY ALL THEY HAVE TO SAY AN OFFER, have them put there words in writing, before even attempting to sign any papers of enrollment. Fifth, PAIFA has a program called the ACE program, supposedly if u finish up the ace program u a garenteed a interview with an airline with 7 months of graduating, or there is a money back guarentee on the program nearly $8,000. So if there is 30 some ACE program students now waiting to get jobs and there flight time to move on. If those students dont get hired or jobs PAIFA will be forking out $240,000 to those 30 students. To me thats not good business, and the livelyhood of this company will really show when they have to start paying back, on there promises.
Ok I will stop bashing this backstabbing company, the only positive thing I have to say about PAIFA is the training of there pilots, is great, most of the instructor know there **CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED**, its a very difficult school, but u learn so much. But dont think your guarenteed anything. Please look long and hard before making a decision on this outfit, there is a flightschool right acroos the parking lot called Westwind Acedemy, were most of PAIFA instructor end up teaching.
The reason for me letting u know about this company is too make sure u dont make the same mistake has 110 students up there right now...

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