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Pan Am in KBTL

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Jul 12, 2005
This morning I saw a Pan-Am 727 taking off from KBTL. I know the name has been bought by another company, but I had thought that they were a 121 operation. KBTL is closed to scheduled air traffic since an agreement with with KAZO made that the region's airport. Anybody know if im wrong about Pan-Am's status?

Incidently it was a rare treat to see a plane in the Pan Am livery. I didnt think I ever would. Also got to hear them refered to as Clipper Connection by ATC.
They could have been doing a 135 trip.
That makes sense. Its too early in the morning. I wasnt thinking that operators could act under both parts, but it makes sense.
They were at AZO, too. Kinda cool, seeing that Pan-AM 727 parked with the 172's on the GA ramp.
Just saw one of Gilfords rail cars during my bike ride this AM .To bad we don't have historical rules that prevent that type thing.That blue circle should only be on A/C.
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The Pan AM name is painted on the sides of Boston Maine's 727s based out of Portsmouth,NH and Sanford, FL.

Many years ago(1998?) the name of Pan AM was bought in bankruptcy court (Carnival Airlines). That logo has trademark satus all over the world.

Do a search on Boston Maine in flightinfo.com. You will find lots and lots of stuff.

They were doing scheduled stuff but earlier this month they shut down the scheduled stuff and are now doing charters. They have only 3 727s on their certificate. They want more, but the DOT IG has them under investagation for many things.

I worked for them for three years. Trust me, you do not want to work there unless the only alternative is Angola prison. They also fly Jetstreams out of Trenton NJ in the northeast.
Not to mention that they are SCABS who readily filled the slots of PanAm pilots who were permanently furloughed.

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