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Palm Pilots & logging FLT time?

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Its just a vintage VW
Nov 25, 2001
Any of you guys use a palm pilot to keep track of flight time. A guy I was flying with recently was using one and he said that he can also download it to his PC to a log book type of application.

If any of you do this, can anybody reccomend one.

Flightlevel 2000 has a palm interface. I use the PC version currently and like it but I havent had a chance to get the palm version yet. I dont really need it since i'm home every night. Have heard other people say it works well. The web address is http://www.flightlvl.com/

The HP Jornada PDA is the best unit on the market right now. Everyone knows and uses "Palm" like "Coke" or "Liquid Paper" brand names, but in my opinion Palm isn't the best out there.

WIth the HP you can set up a direct link to your home computer (with the correct software) and upload your log to your home for safe keeping. In other words, while your on a trip you can log your time, hook up to the wireless internet and send your information to your pc. An easier way would be to set yourself up an ftp address direct to your computer at home for the flight log program your using.

The color, wireless, with a modem PDA is going to run in the $500-$700 range. It would allow you to access the internet for weather checks, check your email, or checkout what's happening on flightinfo.com.

Give it a year or two and the prices will be in the $350-$600 range. Wireless connect charges are around $20-$30 a month for unlimited use if you look hard enough.

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