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palace chase

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Aug 2, 2002
Has anybody done palace chase recently? And if so do you have info that might help a guy trying to walk that same road.
Palace Chase and Palace Front aren't dead. They are USAF programs covered by AFI 36-3205.

Paragraph 1.1.2 states "The Air Force suspends the Palace Chase program during full moblizations of the ARC."

Table 1.1 will tell you if you are eligible.

The questions you need to ask are:

1) Was there a full moblization of the ARC? I'm not positive, but I don't think the activation was full, but rather a partial one.

2) Will the AFPC folks release you from your career field?

One of the pilots in our squadron was approved for Palace Chase in late 2000, when he joined the reserve squadron flying the same plane.

Your AFSC will drive the results more than anything.

Good Luck.


I noticed you're Nav, but didn't ask the airframe. Your nav time will help if you go the reserve or guard way. A PPL should be enough to get a slot with the experience you already have.

Several of my friends were fomer Navs in the 135. Several went back to the tanker in reserve units, while another went to UPT and ended up #1 in his class and is now a C-17 IP.

If I can help you out let me know. I know a lot of reservists in a lot of different units.

Best wishes.

If you're looking to Palace Chase then I'm pretty sure you'll have to Palace Chase to the Guard/Reserve as a Nav and then pursue a pilot slot. It shouldn't be a problem now that stoploss is over.
Thanks again Yahtzee and you too Bssthound for the info...I am an EC-130 nav but did go through single ship low level. I am 30 which i hear is the cutoff for pilot training so i am not sure what it would take to get a waiver. I have heard you can get a waiver for almost anything though. Alaska, Wyoming and Minneapolis are my three top choices for units. Do you guys know anything about them... the good or bad?

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