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Pacific Wings owner says crew left Maui in fear after dispute with guards


Clone War veteran
May 9, 2003
Total Time
*********************************************, who said he considers the attacks on him as felony offenses, also has asked the FBI corruption unit in Honolulu to investigate.

He alleged that Maui police are covering up the actions of the Wackenhut guards, some of them former police officers. He said officers did little investigating of his charges Thursday and were not cooperative when he tried to file a criminal complaint against the Wackenhut guards. He said his partner, Frank Ford, and two pilots, Roman Sarkissian and Will Goshorn, have left for the Mainland. He has left Maui.

********************************************* said he may have to ask the Federal Aviation Administration for permission to suspend business if he cannot get protection for his employees.

********************************************* said Tam Ho stomped on his head when other witnesses had been chased from the room.

WTF is up with Maui!