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Pace just sold. top mgt let go over weekend.

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ex pat
Aug 11, 2002
don't know the story. just heard the Pres and Veep let go. don't know who else. any news from the gang? heard they want to become the largest sports charter op...any truth to it?
I heard the same thing. Wondering when we are going to get an official email, or something, about what is going on and what the new direction of the company is going to be...
New owner guy named Bill Rogers with connections to a majority of the sports team flying. Plans for a all 75/76 fleet with a mix of md82's. Hiring rumors is that starting july will be full bore. Who knows though till it happens. I know training is already killing themselves getting ready
the funny thing about Pace being full bore reminds me of the old Little Casear's commercial with grandma and grandpa in a 57 cadillac driving about 5 mph and gramps says, " you're driving like a bat out of hades."
MD-82's?? Seriously?? Why switch out of a 737 platform with room for newer equipment to an equipment line that is a) not being built anymore, b) not on our certificate (training, proving runs, etc) and c)breaks down all the time. Just ask the people at Allegiant, AA, and DAL how reliable their MD-80's are.
I see your point. But MD's are easy to get parts for. Who knows what will actually end up happening. I heard the FA's were having a meeting today in Winston. Waiting to hear what is said
meeting with the FA's instead of the pilots..... now that's full bore like a bat out of hades... the Pace is killing me...
Ok here's some tidbits I got from one of the F/A's at the meeting... Forgive me, for this is now third hand knowledge...

1. Bill Rogers made his fortune off GPS tracking technology for UPS
2. The old top three were doing some "criminal" stuff with the finances.
3. No word on pay raises... financials have to be evaluated.
4. ATG also owns an insurance company which is now going to insure Pace
5. 80 airplanes within 5 years (I'm not holding my breath on that one)
6. Plans to be the biggest sports charter operator
7. Meeting was recorded, so apparently those of us that weren't there (entire pilot group) can get a DVD copy of the meeting.

Again, I wasn't there, so I'm just posting what I've heard...
Its hard to call it a "Company" meeting when there has not been ANY notification sent to the pilot group that the company has even been sold

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