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P.R.I.A and FAA records question

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New member
Nov 29, 2001
Can anyone answer as to whether the info you get for sending $10 to the FAA for "a complete set of your pilot records" is the same someone would seek and receive under PRIA (possible employers)?

Does PRIA only disclose DUI's, FAA violations/revocations, etc. but not speeding tickets, checkride failures, incidents/accidents or written test scores, etc.?

bobbysand...anyone with direct knowledge of this subject?


When I applied to a regional, I had to consent to allow the company to request a copy of my airman records. I'm assuming this is the same thing you would get if you ordered the $10 one from the FAA. Anyway, you have the option to get an identical copy of what they get. When I got mine all it said was that there were no accicents, suspensions, revokations, etc of my pilots certificates. Nothing on there about speeding tickets or DUIs. However, they also asked for a copy of my drivers records. I also got a copy of this one and my speeding ticket wasn't on there either, but I am pretty sure a DUI would show up.

On my application they asked me if i'd had any traffic violations w/in the past year or something like that. Don't try to hide anything. I don't think a speeding ticket is going to hurt you as long as you fess up to it. If you have something a little more serious like a DUI, explain it was a mistake you made and you have learned from the experience, etc, etc, etc.... If they find out you tried to hide something, your toast!

Hope this helped at least just a little bit!
FAA Records

Did I hear my name? :D

I know that you can go to http://www.faa.gov/registry/airmen.htm#Obtain Copy of Airman Certification Records
for information on how to order your file.

I ordered mine nine years ago and received copies of all my 8710s for ratings, written test results, the temporaries that were issued, my letters to the FAA giving my address changes, and, I will admit, pink slips for busts, including one I never realized happened because the examiner never said so. :mad:

I ordered my FAA medical file separately and received copies of my apps for medicals, correspondence about my SODA and other correspondence.

Hope that helps. The posters above have more updated information.
Thanks for the replies guys...

Jim: How long did it take to get ALL packages from FAA?

bobbysamd: I'm curious about this because I'm hoping to interview once the dust settles from 9-11. Are perspective employers more concerned with past employers records (what could be on there?), or "full FAA" records like EIS and AIDS?

Always had great test scores (written), but have a bust, and an incident (10 years ago...) but no violations/actions. Just want to be realistic about my chances for advancement in this "new day" after 9-11. How deep does the digging go and how much is ancient history?

Thanks for the feedback...Fly Safe!
Skeletons in closets

You ask some good questions. I don't recall how long it took to get my file.

PRIA wasn't around when I was in the job market, but companies could always obtain FAA records. Mesa used to send employment verification forms to one's past employers, so I suspect the net effect for both was the same.

I haven't a clue if companies have access to some all-knowing database or NCIC or anything like that to verify applicants' claims. Job applications are construed as legal documents and if a company uncovers information about you on a background check that differs from what is on the app, you're as good as out. Even inadvertant omissions can cause problems. Your information has to be consistent. Of course, there is more than one side to every story.

Anything on an app is fair game. Therefore, I believe that one should acquire any records about yourself that others can find, i.e. driving records, FAA records, especially concerning violations, accidents and incidents, credit reports (some states, such as Colorado, let you obtain credit reports for free), everything. All paper that can be found. In other words, do a background check on yourself. I had a friend who was having trouble finding work after being let go and who suspected that former employers were badmouthing him. He asked me to call his former employers and pretend I was a prospective employer wanting to hire him. One ex-employer indeed was saying bad and untrue things about him.

The idea is to be loaded for bear. You'll know what others can find out, which will help you answer application questions and prepare truthful and accurate responses to interview questions.

I've formed the belief that aviation companies care only about three basic things: (1) Do we like the applicant personally; (2) Is the applicant trainable; (3) Is the applicant qualified. Sure, the airlines all want saints and love pristine records. I fail on both counts, I guess. I've busted rides, I've had less-than-perfect job separations and I've had traffic tickets. I suspect most other people have as well. The important thing is to show one can learn from mistakes and avoid them in the future.

Hope that helps. Good luck with your job search.
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I just wanted to clarify that your FAA record and the info that employers are entitled to under PRIA are not one in the same. I believe that your previous employers are required to release information they have regarding your training records, checking event results, and disciplinary actions. This is info that likely wouldn't be in the EIS/AIDS, or any other FAA database.

I'll second bobbysamd in saying that any single incident will probably not mean game over, but you must be prepared to answer questions about ANY of it. (i.e. driving record, accidents, incidents, enforcements, disciplinary actions, failed checkrides etc.). All I had was a ticket for letting my tags expire, and I was surprised the interviewer even took time to bring it up, but he did. I explained to him the circumstances, and took full responsibility. He seemed satsified. Make sure part of your interview prep is getting these records and anticipating questions about anything that you may find on them.
Driving Records

If your doing a complete background check on yourself you'll also want to get the motor vehicle records for each state you held a license in. Also, you'll want to pull you NDR, any major violations will be on that. Here's a link that tells you how to get your NDR. The site also has contact info each state's motor vehicle agency.

More on NDR

I think someone mentioned that your NDR will only contain DUI's, revocations, and suspensions. One of the forms you sign when preparing your PRIA paperwork will be a NDR request. I recommend getting one ahead of time, with all other background info. The NDR will not have traffic ticket info on it, so go to your local DMV and get a driving record for "traffic court". It has more info on it than the one you get for an employer. That is, if you have received a ticket in the last few years. Good luck.

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