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Overfly Permit Question



Does anyone have a number to call or web links to get a Cuban over-fly permit. I tried the past suggestions like Universal, they only help Jet A folks.

Jeppeson initially told me they would do it for 165.00 U.S.D but called me back and said it would be at least 300! :eek: They told me the price went up since 9/11 and there are additional, "airway useage", fees.:confused:

I'm not sure what thats supposed to mean since it's an over-fly permit and using the Cubans airways would be a given. A CFII at my airport told me I could get it directly from Cuba by faxing my request and I would be sent a bill. I don't know were or who to fax though and I know the bill for a Cessna 182RG wouldn't be near 300 bucks.

Any help would be appreciated, I am leaving Friday morning from Chicago for Grand Cayman.

Thanks Big Time in Advance!