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Poor Flight Instructor
Feb 12, 2002
Anyone headed to Oshkosk this year? Looks like it should be fun, being the 50th aniversery and all. I flew in last year, and am planning to do the same this year.
Been every year but 2 since 1988. Last year I did 9 days. Showed up on the Sunday before and got row 50-something.

Do you volunteer? That's why I go back - it's so much fun. An airshow's an airshow after awhile, but the friends I see every year working make it a blast. I park planes in antique/classic. I hope to log 30 or so hours of "scooter time" this year. See you there!
If anyone from Florida/GA area is going and looking for someone to spilt time with give me a PM.

I should be going, I would like to get a ride with a CFI/MEI, but will get there by any means that I have to use.

I am an IAC volunteer.
What do you mean my scooter time? Can you log the hours while taxing? What are the requirments to volunteer?
If you're logging scooter time, I'm logging boat and point time:D

I volunteer at the Seaplane Base during the show. Everybody is welcome to come down and see what the real Oshkosh is all about. It's a refreshing break from the hustle and bustle of the flightline and fly market.
No requirments, just show up, if they think that you will even remotely help, you WILL be put to work.

I can log that time, I have a good three hours in the golf carts from Sun 'N Fun. :)

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