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Organizing Union for Furloughees...

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New member
Feb 27, 2002
Greetings fellow furloughees and victims of the downturn...

I am considering organizing an independent union for all unemployed pilots. Not just furloughed pilots but ALL unemployed pilots. Anyone wanting to get back in the cockpit or hired into their first job. Details are still being worked out regarding a seniority type system. This union is will be in addition to any union you may already be a member of. The purpose of it is to protect pilots from abuses by management in the form of quality of life for themselves and their families. I think it's time we bring some organization TO the interview table, or back to the line as the case may be. Just because your union may not have done anything to protect your job when the ax swung, doesn't mean you should accept whatever they give you when you return. Sort of a spin on the no furlough clause. If the "pool" is organized, we can demand higher salaries, improved benefits, etc. Something must be done to decrease the gap between the haves and the have nots in this ridiculously cut-throat business. Greed not only infects management, it also permeates the rankest of pilots. What we need is a "Brotherhood of Unemployed Airline Pilots." Any and all comments are welcomed.
BUAP Website Coming Soon...

A website dedicated to the formation of this new organization will be published on the web soon. Stay Tuned. Information form the field regarding complaints, grievances, recommendations, ideas, etc. Most wanted: current furlough lists. Names and addresses I expect to be kept confidential until Phase 3 is begun.
What are you going to do for job action when you don't get what you want . . . refuse to be interviewed? That'll show 'em.

Get real. Sounds like a scam.
Not wanting to rain on your parade, I wish you all the best. I have not experienced a furlough as I am corporate and I am sure it sucks however.

My small brain seems to equate unions with people who have jobs, not with those who need them.
You two fell for that ???? Geeezzz!
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