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ORD commuter parking

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You Can't. They won't issue you a ORD SIDA badge unless your based in ORD.
That's the word I got from the Badging Office.
You might want to try some of the hotels in the ORD airport area.
A while back(couple of years)some were only charging $30-$45/month.
Good Luck.
where do you live in chicago?

there's the blue line and the metra.
Who do you work for Delta has a lot on the other side of the airport that a lot of the off carrier local employee's use. US Air got me a pass when I expressed out of CLT
I use the AMC Lot on Montrose and Manheim. There is a free bus for employees that runs to the terminals every ten minutes. I got my pass through the US Air office which is upstairs above the US Air ticket counter in terminal 2 ... right next to the airport chapel. Go up there and ask margaret if you can buy a pass.
ord parking

Do you need to work for a usair express carrier. I work for XJT. Thanks
if you work for XJT you can park for free in CAL's lot. Talk to someone in ops and they will get you pointed in the right direction, any questions PM me.

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