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Options Management Proposes 2% above CS

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Oct 2, 2005
AH HAH....Made you look! All we have left at Options is a little humor, so might as well spread some around!

Happy Holidays

Fly Safe
Damn i was going to congratulate you guys.

You got me.

I should have known better though.


bad joke

Sorry guys... I know it was bad. But on the bright side I wonder what management would say to that rumor getting started. Oh yeah...never mind....crickets. OK bad joke then
weekly message

Just listened to the new weekly message, still nothing but crickets. Really sad that NOTHING has been said about our current situation. The company I have worked so hard for is really letting me (us) down by not even bring up the issue.
the weekly announcement should be included in the comics section. Every week it is the EXACT same format. On-time this....dispatch that....crew pairing this.....maint that....then some meaningless name mention....PATHETIC!!!
Unicorns, lemmings and crickets! Oh my!!

There are three types of business model management types.

1. The Unicorn. The type that is proactive in taking care of labor in order to insure a quality product is delivered to the customer. This type of management is extrememly rare to find in Corporate America and even rarer to find in the aviation sector. This is the environment in which you have the greatest chance of finding a non Union workforce.

2. Lemmings. The type that is unoriginal in matters dealing with labor and simply follows the crowd like a group of lemmings. This team provides what seems like an equal deal as compared to the Jones's in order to maintain relative likability between labor and management. A great example of this approach is illustrated by the Citation Shares management team. There are more of these type of management teams in Corporate America than example #1 above but far less than option 3.

3. Crickets. This "management" team could care less what labor thinks. They focus on the bottom line and nothing more. NetJets management team did fit this category up until another factor forced them to move the next level; Version 3B (see below). Flight Options and Flex obviously have management teams that fit the cricket category. What "the man" fails to realize is that Strong Unions are formed when Crickety type management teams conduct business with little or no regard for labor (other than that labor is bunch of widgets). I would like to propose that Crickety management teams DO know that the end result of this labor/management approach is. I also submit that they don't care. The reason for this, you see, is that for them this whole aviation extravaganza is like a wonderful game of musical chairs filled with pensions, golden parachutes and stock options. By the time the labor force a) has enough members not leaving for other jobs, b) has the balls to dig in a fight and c) goes through the steps necessary to achieve a 3B type relationship then that C.E.O. or President of Widgets or V.P. of Cricketing has moved on to another position with another company altogether. These managers are burning tomorrow for today with no regard for even their own collegues and peers. For us, this is a career which is seniority driven and there is only so many times one may start over and recoup lost money. Cricket managers know this and love it because the more times an employee starts over, the cheaper the labor expense is at 1st year $24,000/yr.

3B. The Ying Yang.

This is the best labor management relationship that a laborer could hope for in todays modern "care nothing of tomorrow" Corporate American attitude coming from the Warton's of the world. Ying Yang is only achieved after several years of mistreatment by the Widget Masters. It only occurs after the majority of the laborers realize that nothing they can possibly say or do as individuals will change the course that management has chosen. The only thing that a labor group can use as a tool or a yang to managements ying is a Union; a Strong Union. Some of the today's most productive companies in the world eveolved into Ying Yangs because they had to. Nothing more, nothing less. NetJets became a 3B Ying Yang becasue they were forced to. They had ample opportunity to "do the right thing" for the last 15 yrs +. Did they? No.

What type of company do you want to work for? I would prefer to work for the Unicorn. Alas, the Unicorn is a fictionary animal of folk and lore. One is more likely to win the lottery than to find themselves working for the Unicorn.

One could settle for the Lemming. For some, it suits their needs andf they are happy taking handouts.

Others are forced to listen to Crickets as they say "what about us?" and hear nothing back from their handlers.

As for me... I like working for a Ying Yang. At least I know what the score is.

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