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Opitons Fence sitters


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Mar 28, 2005
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To all of our Flight Options pilots that have been sitting on the fence regarding support of our union drive, I hope that the new NJ's TA has knocked you off on our side of the fence.

I know many of you have expressed doubt about what a union and a contract has done for the pilots of NJ and what they would do for us. Its clear now when looking at the details of the TA that what the NJ pilots will have, if and when the TA is ratified, is far and away better, better pay, benefits and QOL then we have or will have in our current situation. If you think that Mr. Mike is going to be running out to match this you are sadly mistaken. If anything should we not secure a positive vote he will take more from us because he can.

Union representation cards were mailed out to all Options Pilots that we had addresses for. If you have not received a letter from the IBT 1108 with several representation cards, please email me with your contact information and I'll get you a package out ASAP.


Ladies and gentlemen there is no denying now that we will be better off with a contract. Our first critical step toward this is calling a vote for representation and we need your help to achieve this all important first step. Please get a card from me or where ever you can and get it back to us ASAP. A positive vote freezes status quo until we have a ratified new contract. Now is the time to make a commitment and to take a stand for our future.