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Aug 24, 2002
I have now interviewed with two regional airlines
in the past six months and have not been offered a position at either one. Is this commom or is it more likely that I am doing something wrong, I am a little concerned. Your thoughts are appreciated. Thanks
Post your times, your approx. age , your experience, education and who you interviewed with and how you got those interviews and some of us might have some insight. It is really hard to say without at least that information.
I'd agree with Dogg. If you have 2000TT and 200 Multi, that "may" be an indicator. Another factor is you may have been interviewing with several other pilot's with MUCH more time than you.

Just remember, with the airline industry in a state of flux and many furloughee's vying for the jobs, competitive minimums are going up at a rapid pace.

Just don't get disappointed. Keep working at it and your time will come!


I am in the same boat you are, waiting to hear from my third interview. It was only my third since January. Don't get down about it. Even when hiring was very good ( a few yrs ago) it took most people a few interviews before they got a job. The market is still flooded with many high time pilots looking for jobs. Just hang in there, it looks like things are beginning to pick up again. I saw this back in 1994 when I was fresh out of school, and look what happened in the late 90s and early 2000. Keep building hours and keep applying, OUR DAY WILL COME!

I'm a firm believer that once you are in the door the day of the interview, it's an even slate for everyone. Chances are, if they called you in for an interview, you're qualified, so I would venture to say it's time for a different approach.

Airlines hire personality and perceived aptitude and motivation. My advise would be to study the Jepp legend, the AIM, Mental math for pilots, ALL gouges on aviationinterviews.com.....and I mean study...harder than for your hardest final in college.

Even more importantly is to get those online gouges and gouges from your friends and get an idea for what kind of HR questions they ask. Print out a list and start thinking about how you'd answer them....always put positive spin on a negative or loaded question....sit in front of the mirror and practice.

I've been to 5 interviews and have been offered 4 jobs. I crashed and burned at one and it was because i was ill prepared...I've also been in an interview (ACA) where a fellow interviewee crashed and burned hard. Don't ever lie (we've all broken FARs) and do your homework on the company.

I'm rambling, but keep studying....and study for their interview, some airlines ask entirely different types of things based on your experience. Most importantly, don't give up and always tell them that you really want to work there and become part of their team.

Good luck. Keep your head up.
I think the most important thing is to get them to like you. Treat them the way you want to be treated.
I agree with positive rate, if you were invited to an interview that means they see you as a qualified applicant. They don't interview people if they know they will eliminate them. I'm pretty sure during interviews, that they would like to hire everbody but for one reason or another, others stand out more than the unfortunate ones that don't get the job. Only you can anwer your question. Interviews suck, but if you are honest and relaxed, i think that will do the trick. Never have an answer memorized, they can read you like a book if you do.
What the others have said is true however there is luck involved.

Sometimes it depends on when you interview versus how many slots they are trying to fill for certain class dates.

If you interviewed with ACA you probably did something to hurt yourself. They are pretty much hiring everyone who shows up these days.

Back to the original thought though. If they are behind the curve on training and classes and are looking to fill spots they will hire more people. If there is only a few spots left and they have a lot of interviews scheduled the interview competition will be greater. Get my drift.

A book that really helped me is "Checklist for Success" by Sheryl Cage. An excellent resource.

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