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Omni Hiring for Aug/Sept B757 Class?

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Well-known member
Dec 20, 2001
Sorry for the double post, but saw this on Climbto350.com for anyone who is interested... I know some people who have recently interviewed there, but it was for the DC10 I think. What's the deal with this ad?

Friday, July 13, 2005
OMNI AIR INTERNATIONAL (B-757 First Officers (Aug and Sept Classes))
3303 N. Sheridan Rd. Hangar 19, OK 74115
Tel: no calls
Fax: none
Email: Click here to Apply
Web Site: http://www.omniairintl.com
Flight Officer - B-757. Starting position as First Officer. ATP required. B-757 type rating or other Group II aircraft ratings with 2000 hrs jet PIC and international experience desired.
Previous glass cockpit experience desired.

Omni operates B-757 and DC-10 aircraft worldwide in FAR Part 121 Supplemental service. Omni offers home basing with competetive pay scales. Interviews scheduled and held at Tulsa headquarters.

When applying, please not it you're B-757 typed! If NOT, please note if you have glass experience.

Anyone know when their Aug and/or Sept 757 class is???
One of our crashpadders is awaiting a class date, but he thought they were hiring only for the DC10. He didnt say anything about the 757, unless that has changed. He did mention they are getting some additioanl DC10's or 757's this fall.
I went to the Omni website and checked out the employment page for pilots. It listed requirements for both Captains, and FOs.

Does Omni hire street captains?
TriStar_drvr said:
Does Omni hire street captains?
I read somewhere on here that they recently hired 2 street captains, but also heard they just upgraded 2 FOs to captain after about 1.5 years.

Does anyone know if they type rate everyone?
As far as the DC-10s are concerned, I understand from a very reliable source, that there's only one more class this year, and that start Aug 29.
Starting FO pay is $51 an hr, and CA is $90, for all aircraft, with a 60 hr guarantee. I understand crewmembers are averaging 80 hrs per month. See here (and bookmark this site for other airline pay scale inquiries):

I understand they fly 17-18 days a month straight, but they do home base. So you'd have that going for you.
An emailed resume

I understand that they have a August 12th dead line. I emailed a resume and a cover letter in form of an email to them on the 10th. All of this was done through their website and a link. How Would I be ABLE to verify that they have received my stuff. I know that there is no phone#.
Any info regarding this would be great.

Thanks folks.

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