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Apr 25, 2002
Hello Everybody,
My name is SrA Lucas Pierce stationed at Shaw AFB, S.C. I'm a Crew Chief on the block 50 model Viper. Anyway, I'm trying to build a package for a guard UPT slot. I have made numerous phone calls and have total support of my commander, but there is only so much he can do since he doesn't know how the process works for the guard and reserve . Is there any guys out there that can give me some useful info on what their packages consisted of?
I have Letter of recommendations from a couple of commanders and maint. officers. 3 EPR's and my AFOQT scores. I take the BAT test on May 30th. I just passed my 1st class physical yesterday. Scores: Pilot-82 Nav-74 Acdm-53 Verbal-33 and math-71. I know there not sh!t hot, but I was wondering if they would make the grade. Also have my Private's license with 90hrs. Have roughly 1 year left at Embry-Riddle and appx. 1 month left active duty. Thanks for any help I get.

P.S. I have a 1.2 logged in a D-model from an incentive flight at Nellis. That basically already makes me a fighter pilot doesn't it?
Stupid joke!
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Well, I'm no expert but since I am in the same process as you currently are below are some things the pilot recruiters asked me to send them.

1) Cover letter, make sure you write a real nice letter
2) Resume
3) Scores
4) Copy of your 1st class and pilots license
5) College transcripts
6) Recommendations

Its seems to me that you stand a good chance of getting in. Make sure you apply to multiple units. I know those fighter units are very competitive but you probably already know that.

Good luck!
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Your scores are fine, don't sweat them.....best thing to do is to start calling the chief pilot at every guard/reserve unit in the country...ask them questions, ask them if their hiring, if not, when they might......write all of this stuff down...keep a record of whom you talked, when and what they told you......call back every now and again to continue to show interest...(not that you just watched Top Gun for the 100th time and decided you wanted to fly).....most of the time, they're happy to talk to you.....no offense to the the fighter guys, but the Reserve fighter units were the rough ones to talk too....now the guard fighter guys were laid back and nice....

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