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OLD FAR's ....X-C time logging

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Dec 13, 2001
Does anyone have a copy or access to an older set of FAR's? I'm trying to find the OLD definition of cross country time as listed in the definitions of 61.1 I am needing to audit cross country time from 1990,1991. Though I believe any FAR's before 1997 should do the trick.
The "older" regs just required a landing at an airport where you didn't depart to count as X-C. (Think ATP reqmts)

However, if it was towards a certificate or rating, it had to be the 50nm (or appropriate for long x-c and instrument x-c).

Hope this helps.
Well, just found some old FAR's, according to FAR's from 1990-1993:

There is no X-C definition under 61.1, however 61.93 states that X-C is any flight outside of a 25nm radius from the departure point.

Kinda wish they hadn't changed that.
Don't overlook anything. I believe you will see some other definitions about cross country other than 61.93 which is for student pilots. Look in each reg where cross country time is required. Part 135 says any other airport other than where you took off. part 61 used said at one time for ATP candidates that cross-country was flying 50 miles from departure and did not mention landing anywhere. For private and commercial and instrument the requirement is 50 miles so it depends on what your purpose is.

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