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OK fess up who's tried these?

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you do realize that pasties are for girls right? wait.....

I've never been to a male strip club so I guess I don't know for sure that dudes don't wear them. :laugh:

Actually they are selling the male crotch pasties on that site too.

(Item# GENERICMALE $9.99
Select: Product Description
5 x 6.75 inches. 2-3mm thick. 100% Rubber (PVC). Includes one large pasty, sanitizer and hook adhesive. Pocket 4th Amendment

Never been to a male strip club either and want to keep it that way too~LOL

Maybe during my next furlough I'll see if I can become a Chip and Dales Dancer, I hear they make good money and get some good nips, er ah I mean tips too. Of course there is the liposuction to consider, but that would be a tax write off for the new profession right?
Hook adhesive? So would removal of the, um, 'lower accoutrement' bring back childhood fears of the dreaded band-aid rip?:eek:

And be careful what you ask for (hopefully, for all of our little family, you'll never be furloghed again, but...) - Chip and Dale are cartoon rodents! I think your voice is a bit high to fill in for them.:D
CaptZ, check your mailbox. Incoming should be a male set with the "only my husband sees me naked" lettering.

I still think I oughta wrap the boys in tinfoil and head through one of those machines... I'm just worried about the chaffing.

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