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Official NWA strike update thread...

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The Prince of all Saiyans
Mar 24, 2005
How are things going at NWA with the strike going on? Are they experiencing problems? Delays? Cancellations? I read somewhere that they have over 500 MEL's on airplanes due at the end of this week, and there's no way they'll be able to clear all of them. Any updates from anyone?
I don't think there will be problems right away, but there might be some coming in the near future as stuff starts to break.
Things have been running pretty smoothly this weekend but, as others have said, when the maintenance starts to stack up, we'll see if the outsourced people can handle it.

The only thing I've seen so far is that the outsourced aircraft cleaners aren't much better than the AMFA cleaners... :D
Heard on the news up here in Minny tonight that northwest has had 2 flights that have had to turn back to the departure airport due to maintenance issues. One of them had smoke in the cabin and another i'm not sure. The passengers just said that the pilot said that they had to turn back due to mechanical issues. A third plane had 3 or 4 wheels burst on landing due to a faulty anti-skid system. Not sure what the types of planes are but I don't think these issues would have come up if the normal mechanics were taking good care of the planes. Obviously the replacement workers can't handle the load and most likley aren't AS qualified as the NWA mechanics. More issues will come up i'm sure. Heard on the news also that one of the guys on strike had been let go twice at NWA. Once from Atlanta once from Ohio and now he was workin here for a year. Well he decided to pack up and move back to Atlanta with his wife and kid only 3 days into the strike to look for a new job.
everything a-ok for now:

"We're operating our schedule on time," Andy Roberts, executive vice president of operations at Northwest, said during a conference call Saturday. "Our operation is going to run extremely well over the next few weeks."
The company's other workers were also on the job, executives said. "We intend to operate our normal schedule of domestic and international flights," said Northwest Chief Executive Doug Steenland.

later, maybe not so much:

S&P says may cut Northwest Airlines debt ratings
Mon Aug 22, 2005 10:22 AM ET
NEW YORK, Aug 22 (Reuters) - Standard & Poor's on Monday said it may cut Northwest Airlines Corp.'s (NWAC.N: Quote, Profile, Research) debt ratings deeper into junk status, citing labor troubles at the ailing airline.

Downgrades usually raise a company's borrowing costs.
Latest word is that the MEL count is up over 700. Normal count is around 250. It's all going to come to a screeching halt when the MEL's expire. Keep up the good work AMFA, NWA mngt will be back at the table soon. :)
These issues would not have even been news worthy if the company was not in the middle of a labor dispute. This was pointed out in the media. And it's just coincidental.

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