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OFF the wall?

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First of all I would like to thank everyone for their posts regarding the logging of SIC time, all opinions were greatly appreciated and they kind of backed up my beliefs and feelings concerning this...

Second, there is a guy at our airport that flies in the B100 which we will also crew sometimes who is also a senior 67 capt/check airman for Air Canada and I always thought that you needed to have "Canadian" licenses/ratings to be able to do this which I am sure is the case but didn't think you could also have FAA lic/ratings at the "same time"..?? - I was just curious if anyone else knew about US pilots flying for Canadian airlines and if this would be a "step" that would be beneficial to one since the US carriers aren't knocking down the doors hiring pilots and it seems to me or atleast appears that "most" Canadian carriers are hiring.....

Guess my curiousity is off and wondering around....... - - - -

thx again
I have several friends who are rated on both sides of the fence. I spoke with one this evening, who will be spending the summer in Montana working. He also flies internationally, and is a Canadian Citizen. Because of the dollar difference, US citizens working in Canada take a big hit on the exchange rate. Canadians working in the US do quite well, however.

To start out, you need to be ready to foot the bill for the expense of obtaining Canadian certification. Then start looking. Good luck, eh?

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