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Off-duty TSA entry question

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Well-known member
Nov 2, 2004
You're on a trip and the layover is at the airport hotel in a major hub. You don't want to spend $30 for dinner at the hotel. Do TSA rules allow you to go through security using your ID in civilian clothes to access the wonderful cuisine inside the airport? I heard somewhere that you can go in to conduct duty such as go to a crew area to use the computers for bidding or to check your schedule, but can you go in for non-duty purposes like eating? (although getting adequate nutrition at a reasonable price might be considered duty related).
are you serious....you can do whatever you want. I have gone in to buy golf supplies because with the discount it is cheaper than at the golf store down the road.
Is this a serious question? You only use your crew ID when you are in uniform?


WTF does TSA care what you are wearing? And it's none of their business what I am doing.

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