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October 14th.....


Fitty-Six F100's rock
Nov 26, 2001
Total Time
I just wanted everyone to remember we lost webmaster Mark three years ago tomorrow.Keep him in your thoughts.If you never met him,he was a really decent guy.I remember fondly driving with my wife over to the little airport behind the Marathon station to meet Mark.We liked him instantly ! The red hair and the easy laugh.I recall Mark showing us his Commonwealth taildragger,shouting to be heard over the roar of the rain on the tin roof of the hangar that stormy saturday.We adjourned to a restaurant up the road and spent the afternoon talking flying stuff.We promised to meet up again,but sadly were never able to,keeping touch mainly through e-mail and the occasional phone call.When we heard the awful news,we were devastated.We attended the memorial service and were surprised at the turnout-the line went around the church ! But we shouldn't have been,he had touched a lot of lives.I find it impossible to think of anything else when I see the sign for Rootstown,Ohio or if we manage to fly over to Carrol County (KTSO) for some pie.Thanks for the memories,Mark.