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NWAirlink Questions

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A Pirate past 40
May 12, 2002
1) Is NWAirlink as good a place to work as Pro Pilot magazine says it is?
2) Their minimums are pretty low ... is the pay low too?
3) and do you have to live in memphis or can you commute from other states ( florida for example)
4) Should I fax my resume once a week or wait to hear from them?
5) in the process of phasing out the TPs do you start out in the TP and transition or just start in the RJ? ( I've got some good quality jet time. )

Thanks for the help
1. The article definitely overrates it here, but its not too bad. I'd call us middle of the pack. Got some real good crews here, although we are run by more then a few with their heads buried somewhere. Schedules are all over the place, from all right to horrible.

2. First Year FO is $19.54 an hour, second year FO would be $23.68 per ur with a 75 hour guarantee. Per Diem is $1.40 per hour. Second year Captain would be $55.11, upgrade is when you have the flight time(3000 TT with 500 in type), that'll probably slow down this fall with the Saab guys coming over, but would probably be back up to the same situation by mid next year as we get new deliveries.

3. There are 3 domicles: MEM, DTW, and MSP. DTW will eventually be the largest and they alternate with senority. DTW and MSP go back and forth as most junior for Captain, but CRJ FO is all over the plae. MEM has the most senior FO's, but the botom half has the most junior people on the list. CRJ Captain in EM is extremly senior, most junior is around 4 years with 8-9 years to hold a line. MEM lines are the worst, so commuting ould be tough. Close to 90% out of DTW commute, not easy but looks like people do it. Would sacrfice days off, but imortant for some people.

4. I got on by sending them my resume, they called the next day, but this was a few years ago, so not sure how people are getting on now.

5. No hiring into the Saab, they will be retired probably by the end of the year.
Second the opinion

I second most of jiminmem's comments...

Propilot is good PR and that is about it, you will get just as good PR from our HR staff if not better. As for regionals ( this is my third) I would say we agree with the middle of the pack statement. Company organization has to be the worst I have endured, crews are some of the better to deal with. Schedules are horrible unless you are in the top 15% in each base.

Pay is like he said, although I will add it is slightly below industry average for most FO's, but then again our contract is not as new as other regionals.

I agree that DTW is 90% commuters, and MSP is just slightly less. We have many Florida commuters, I have heard it can be tought once in a while getting a jump seat. Also, depending on where in Florida you may not have very many options to the "northern" base. That is at least some of the complaints I have heard. I am not completely sure I agree with that DTW will be the largest, MSP is larger in staffing (and on reserve) and the new terminal should have a capacity greater than DTW for the regionals. Flying wise though, I would say DTW is still months ahead of the other domiciles. Some of the schedules can be commutable, some also do not really require a crach pad and maybe 3-4 nites in a hotel. They are "trying" to make more commuter friendly as the northern bases are mostly commuters. Even on reserve they can be somewhat commutable.

Getting on board... I got on by faxing a resume then calling to "check up on it". That was the reccomendation about a year ago and it worked! I have heard that they are or will be looking to the street in the next few months. We have several classes going on right now emptying the pool of about 200. If all stays the same we will need to start looking beyond the pool by the winter.

All RJ now, I think the last Saab class was in April, and the remaining Saabs should be off of our certificate by the fall.

Best of luck regardless, and just know you will be looking at a solid 6 months of reserve at any base and probably twice that at MEM. I am also probably being a little conservative on those numbers...

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