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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
Did they furlough pilots? Their website says they are accepting resumes. Does this mean they plan to hire soon?

Any info would be appreciated.
Yes we did furlough @120..but they have all just about been recalled...or will be by Jan 2002... I don't know when we will start hiring....The Saabs are leaving sometime around Feb 2002 and rumor has it we are getting "some" of the CL-440's (44 seat CRJ)

Depending on how many of the 44 seat CRJs we will take delivery of will determine if and when we start hiring.

Send a resume... it can't hurt!
Good advice TEDCFII!

It never hurts to send in a resume at any airline that is planning on growing and taking deliveries of new RJ's. Hopefully you will be at the top of the stack when they need to start interviewing.

Happy hunting!


dose any one know if these guys are going to hire the folks they gave class dates to, or are they just blowing smoke up are 6?:confused: :

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