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C-130 Pilot
Nov 26, 2001
Anyone heard any news concerning NWA and potential rebound for next year? Just sitting in the pool and wondering?
47 is better than Hundreds

There may be some good news here. I think the original 1 Jan number was 263 furloughs, then 100 a month until 850. 47 is a lot better than 263! Reaching pretty hard to call any furloughs good news I know! Also, the news that NWA will be accepting all of their new aircraft as fragged for 2002 is encouraging.

135 backer, have you heard any news of a reduced number of total furloughs, or why the backoff from the original 200+ Jan number?

Thanks very much for the info, and any info, as you know, is greatly appreciated by those of us treading in the deep end!

Got a conditional offer back in July. After I got "the letter" earlier this month I called Vicky to ask her about the implications of it. She said that it meant anyone in the pool was going to have to go through the interview process again, although the process was being re-vamped. Definitely disapointing, but I still have my previous job so I can't complain. Does anyone have different information on this?
When I reported the additional 47 that means it is in addition to the 263. The 263 got their letter on 1 Nov informing us of our status starting on 1 Jan 02. There are a total of 347 furloughed pilots at NWA as of 1 Jan 02. We are anxiously awaiting the upcoming months to see if NWA starts the 100 a month. The last pilot's seniortiy # at NWA is 6266. Good luck!
Um, not to bring reality into this conversation, but like Barbarian just said THERE IS NO POOL anymore. The letter sent out a month ago formally dissolved it. I have talked to the gals in HR (as has my interview partner), and though informally they said we should get some consideration for having previously been hired, we are no longer "hired".

If anyone has contrary info, please share.

Good luck to all.
The deletion of the pool is news to me. When I talked to the ladies at NWA after I received the cryptic letter, they said there would be no decision on whether or not to require everyone to re-interview until they had a better picture of their furough picture. They said expect 6 months before a decision was made. I guess things must have changed.

They did mention that the vagueness was intentional. I am pretty certain about the "unhired" thing. When I chatted with my interview partner, he also mentioned that they didn't know how much of a process we would have to go through. BUT, clearly it would be some sort of process. The only assurance I got out of it was that it was likely we would get interview preference when they start up again.

She also said to me that "you gotta try again, because you made it once!" SO, I get the definate message she didn't consider us "on the property".

I think it would be pretty foolish of any of us to rely on it, and not make efforts anywhere else ('course, that would only apply if there WAS anyplace else hiring).

Anyway, I hope all of us poolies will post what we hear and stay in touch here. I still have hope...

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