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NWA Recall Rights

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Well-known member
Jan 31, 2006
Could someone please give a brief answer to the following:

1. Is anyone originally hired at NWA still furloughed or bypassing?

2. How many years do you have recall rights?

3. What year was the most senior furloughee at NWA hired?

4. How does the merger affect the furlough and recall rights?

5. Thanks!
1) Yes...over 150 pilots on bypass.

2) 10 years from your original furlough date and if you ask to be recalled on the last day of your 10th year and they aren't recalling you get an extra 4 years.

3) Not sure...guessing 1998.

4) Unlike NNWA, you get longevity from your bypass date. If hired 2000 & furloughed early 2002, you will come back @ 7th year pay.

5) Your welcome!!


BTW - if you are a bypassee and want to come back...get your request in ASAP as you can only come back when they are in a active hiring mode. You need to request recall 30 days prior to a class date. They are currently running classes through Oct so your last chance is sept 1st for this hiring cycle. Rumors say additional hiring in 2011. Good luck!

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