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NWA pilots pass COBRA coverage


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Dec 21, 2001
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Here's some good news for NWA furloughed pilots:

"The Election Ballot Certification Board certified the Furloughed Pilots Assistance Assessment vote yesterday.

Vote totals were:

5919 eligible ballots mailed, 2562 votes cast for a participation of 43.3% 2069 For and 493 Against (80.8% For and 19.2% Against)

A .5% gross pay assessment will fund furloughed NWA pilots with continued medical/dental insurance (COBRA). Coverage will continue for up to 14 months from individual's furloughed date."

To note, less than half the pilots even cared to vote over a two week period. Does that mean some are indifferent? Finally, to the 493 against, I'm sure they wanted to vote for a more favorable package that either extended beyond 14 months or included life insurance too...SURE! Anyway, I'm glad 2562 of my brother pilots cared enough to vote yes. For a family of four, COBRA payments can run up to $760.00/month. Thank you.