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NWA Jumpseat update

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Well-known member
Nov 27, 2001
The other day I was commuting back home and was chatting with the Captain about who can sit upfront in NWA airplanes. He says Alaska pilots can now sit upfront along with NWA, Mesaba, and Express I/Pinnacle. can any alaska pilots verify this?
I work for Mesaba, and I have not seen any memo that allows us to let anyone other than NWA and Express One/Pinnacle ride in the jumpseat. But they are more than welcome to take any open seats we have in the back.
sorry, maybe I didn't clarify the situation. I was commuting on a NORTHWEST flight and the captain of the flight said Alaska Airline pilots ALONG with NWA, Mesaba, and Express I pilots may sit in NW flightdecks if the cabin is full.

I dont about Mesaba but I can confirm that Alaska and Northwest can ride up front on each others aircraft when the seats are full. They made an arrangement where if it is full the captain has to call an 800 number to verify the employment of the jumpseater, once that is done the individual is allowed to occupy the cockpit jumpseat. To my knowledge it only applies between those two airlines. Its progress at least...
In order to sit up front on NWA you must either be a NWA pilot or approved employee, a pilot for a WHOLEY owned subsidiary, or a pilot for a code-share partner. This is straight from the memo a NWA pilot showed me back in November when they instituted the new policies. Otherwise, they will/can take two off-line jumpseaters plus as many on-line people as there are jumpseats including the FA jumpseat. This makes a total of 4 or more per airplane and I have yet to be bumped by these guys. I wish all majors would re-write their own rules to make it easier for off-line guys to catch a ride. If you don't want to make it "open" seating, at least try something like this - we're talking about un-sold seats here.

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