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NWA info?

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a bit of ultra-violence
Nov 27, 2001
Just wondering if anyone had any new information about how things were going over there. Any rumors on callbacks, furloughs, etc. ?

Well, I think the latest is that recalls will probably start in October. Unoffically I think they may begin in September. Also, I heard from someone who heard from someone else (rumor) that there may only be about 50 still on furlough by the end of the year. Who knows though.. I guess this type of stuff changes every other day. I hope it's sooner than later though...

Heard a RUMOR yesterday. Not sure about the credibility of the source, but he swears up and down he has some concrete info (just have to wonder how anything is set in concrete at this time). Large number of recalls through summer months, everyone back by years end, possible new hires late 02 / early 03. Source claims he knows someone in crew staffing and this is the likely scenario. I've been out of the loop lately. Anyone heard anything similar?

My bud is a 757 captain for NWA and he told me the same thing about a week ago.

I am hoping for the best.

Splert...OUT! :cool:
I keep hearing about the "4th bank" of flights coming back to Mem. How many more pilots are required if the schedule expands like that?

By the way...NW airlink and Mesaba are awesome getting me home and back. Thanks again guys!

I've heard around the system that the 4th bank (or at least parts of it) is rescheduled into the June schedule at MEM. I've also heard the rumors about recalls starting this summer and everyone back on board by the end of the year. Sure hope they pan out!
Greetings Gents,

Any poolies out there (if there is a pool that is) have an active duty commitment issue to deal with when NWA finally starts hiring? I had to pull my letter when everything happened in Sept, so now I have to resubmit my letter when I want to get out. The timing on this is going to be tough because the Coast Guard requires a 1 year notice. So I have to take my best guess at when the first new hire classes will begin and submit my letter accordingly. I've been told if they hire you, NWA will wait for you to finish out your obligation, but who knows and for how long. It would also be a lot more comfortable dropping that letter again if I knew whether or not there really was a pool anymore, or if everyone was starting from scratch again. If anyone else is working up a good ulcer over these issues I'd love to hear from you. I hate to cry in my beer alone.

Fly Safe
Wow, those are great rumors, but I'll believe them when I'm back in training.

CK130: I have some buds that have/had the NWA job offer, but are caught in the current mess. My guess is NWA will have everyone re-interview, making sure you haven't turned into a jerk over the last year or so. Also, I would think they would be rather flexible with folks, considering this has been a wacky period.

Then again, this is the airline industry...who know.

I'm in a similar situation, although I don't need to give notice 1 year out. I imagine that NWA will be pretty flexible about when you can start training. From talking with the ladies at HR, I am sure the folks already in "the pool" will be given first consideration once hiring starts again. Although we will probably have to redo at least some of the interview process, imagine walking into an NWA interview having already been "hired" once. My interview was actually a pleasant process (although I didn't really enjoy the phase I). I don't imagine the follow-up is going to be any worse.
I am currently stiff-arming another major airline who has offered me a training date. I have a military commitment that extends for several more months as a result of current operations. That airline has said "No problem, just let us know when you are available."
My first choice is NWA, so I'm hoping the picture on recalls/new training clarifies itself at NWA in the next few months. My experience with the company so far gives me confidence I don't need to generate too many more ulcers.

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