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NWA, Hired and with 'LETTER'

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New member
Jan 2, 2002
Talked to Angie Graham very recently. She said we would be called after the furloughs were called back. The process we will go through will depend on how much time it takes them to call us back. Keep the faith. Can't wait to fly out of that new terminal in Detroit.
Thanks for the update. I don't mind the wait as long as I know I'll get called at some point. It's not like I'm losing any line numbers. However, it sure will be nice when they start announcing recalls instead of furloughs.
I am a poolie with the "letter" as well. Does Angie mean that if it takes a long time to call back the furloughees we will have to reinterview, whereas if it is a relatively short time we won't have to reinterview? I guess I pretty much thought we would be reinterviewed regardless, but that may have been to save my sanity and not get my hopes up. In the mean time, i'll be cautiously crossing my fingers.

Maybe we should all start buying tickets on NWA so we can get those furloughees back in the air - think of it as an investment in our future!

Good to hear some news. Its been awhile. Tell all your friends and family to fly NWA too, thats what I did.

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